L'escale hype du Brésil

THE VIBE Ever since a bikini-clad Brigitte Bardot dipped her toes into the turquoise waters off Armação dos Búzios in 1964, this once-small fishing village has garnered quite a reputation amongst the international jet set . Búzios is dubbed the 'St Tropez of Brazil' - not just thanks to the Bardot connection, but also to its buzzing Riviera-esque atmosphere, high-spending sunseekers, café-lined streets and hidden stretches of sand, hugged by the area's many rocky coves. SKIP THE BUSY STREETS of Búzios and head straight for the surfers' cove of Praia Brava where Brazil's best beach bar awaits, fashioned from a blue fisherman's shack on a headland of wild green pasture. It's a deliciously laid-back spot, so lose the shoes and sink into an oversized day bed overlooking the ocean; staff are so attentive its barely necessary to wiggle a finger before a replacement ice-bucket of rosé arrives, or hand-woven blanket appears at the slightest inkling of an unseasonal breeze. Order fabulously fresh seafood from the chalkboard menu, with delicate ceviche and butter-soft calamaretti, which keeps Michelin-starred chefs coming back on their days off. The glamorous owner, Santiago Bebbiano, is a brilliant host and by late afternoon he'll have everyone dancing, high on life and lemongrass Mojitos.